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Welcome to my overview due to the variety of pistols for the German Wehrmacht.


On this page I like to show you my private pieces concerning this topic.


You will find the weapons on left ordered by their country of origin.


The descriptions are all according to the shown weapons and some datas are from following books

 "Axis Pistols" from Still

"German pistols and holster I-IV" from Whittington

"Die deutschen Pistolen und Revolver 1871 - 1945" from Hogg

"Zeichen auf Handfeuerwaffen" from Gargela - Faktor




Latest acquisitions: Walther PP 2nd RSHA-Variation
  Walther PP 4th RSHA-Variation
Tokkarev TT33 - P 615(r)
  Police P.08 'Mausertonne' 1939 E/C
Walther PP RFV 'ReichsFinanzVerwaltung'
  Walther PP Commercial 9 mm short .38 ACP
Walther PP, PPK Table with Year of production




Explanation of the abbreviations:




test proof stamp:

E/N - Eagle over N

E HK - Eagle over Swastika

acceptance stamp:

E/135 - Eagle over number 135

E/WaA 135 - Eagle over WaA 135


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